NAOC 2011 Leadership Connections

During the week of April 29, 2011, more than 2,000 Salvation Army leaders gathered in Orlando Florida for the National Advisory Organizations Conference (NAOC).  The Imagitorium, aka the NAOC exhibit hall, was a great place for attendees to learn more about The Salvation Army’s many partners and resources.

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Leaders Shape Leaders @ Regional Training 2011

Twenty-seven officers from the USA Southern Territory recently attended regional training. 

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Island Reflection – Arrow Leadership

Captain Sarah Nelson shares a reflection of her thrid residential experience in the Arrow Leadership program.  She spent a week at Barnabas Landing, BC, with ministry leaders from across North America.   

Sarah Nelson Arrow clusterI am honored to sit at the desk of “Corps Officer”.  There is NOTHING I’ve done to deserve the privilege of leading God’s people.  But as we well know, privilege comes with responsibility.  Arrow has helped me develop a deeper appreciation for those responsibilities.  But it’s also shown me how important it is to take care of my own soul, while caring for everyone else.

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