Nobody’s Perfect ~ But You Have to Be

By Major Clarence Bradbury, D.Min.

A simple comment can sometimes stop you dead in your tracks.  In October, as one by one the Chilean miners emerged from their underground cocoon where they were trapped for months, a CNN reporter focused on a man who was about to be greeted by two women.  One was the miner’s wife and the other, his secret lover.  The reporter concluded his commentary with “I guess nobody’s perfect”.  How true.  I’ve heard it countless times and I’ve used it far too often to excuse some failure on my part. Read more

At the Feet of the Rabbi

By Cadet Loren Wallace, Evangeline Booth College

When most people think of spiritual formation they think of the disciplines of prayer, fasting, solitude, simplicity, service, etc. For me the best example of a good spiritual formation discipline comes from Jesus and the culture of first century Judaism. In first century Judaism, rabbis would sit around and discuss God’s word. One of my favorite accounts of Christ’s life is described in Luke 2:49-52.

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