Musings From Mark 1:14

By: Major Joanne Holz, Director, School for Leadership Development

Mark may have been brief, crisp, and quick-paced as he wrote this Gospel but if we are to gain the benefit of the truths contained in this sacred writing, we can’t walk through it that way. Consider the brief, almost parenthetical note regarding John the Baptist: “Now after John had been taken into custody, Jesus came into Galilee…..” WHOA!!! Slow down. John, the forerunner, way-maker, predecessor of the Son of Man, after all of his teaching and investment in his followers, finds himself thrown into jail! Let’s talk the human language of UNFAIR!!! What were they thinking??? What stirred his opponents’ hornets’ nests!!!??? Mark doesn’t seem to feel the need to explain. In a common phrase of our day “it is what it is.” So Mark moves on.

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“Dip In” ~ Mark 1:9-12

How is it we learn to endure inner testing? Like it or not, the tests come! No, not the pass/fail or graded tests, but the testing of our spirit like metal is tested to expose and purify impurities. Jesus, too, was tested. Nothing but strength, courage, and grace was exposed as Jesus submitted Himself to this unyielding testing. Read more