Heaven to Earth

Let the news of a miracle be sounded forth and you can anticipate a crowd coming to see what’s happened.  Our last post (see November, 2012) found Jesus in the synagogue in Capernaum casting out evil spirits.  Read more


By Clarence Bradbury

The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of right relationships. The Christian enterprise is all about relationships.  That is the Advent message – that God was in Christ, befriending the world to Himself (2 Corinthians 5:19).   In Jesus Christ, we see the ultimate in ROI – Return On Investment.  In the business world, ROI focuses specifically on dollars and cents.  It deals with ROR (Rate of Return) attached to a brand, an action or an initiative.  It is true that even the Kingdom of God is a business – the best business there is!  But it is infinitely more than that.  In matters of the Kingdom, God takes enormous risks.  And He’s committed to finance His own initiatives! Read more

Relational Leadership – A Lasting Investment

By Clarence Bradbury

Over 300 types of leadership have been identified in the literature of recent years.  One of these is Relational Leadership.  Maybe the term is redundant, since leadership is essentially relational.  It is an exchange in which we seek to influence, and be influenced, toward shared values such as common purpose, process, direction and vision, inclusiveness, empowerment, support and accountability.  Relational leaders are real, approachable, down to earth, at home with themselves and tuned in to others. Read more

Book Review: Relational Intelligence by Steve Saccone

Reviewed by Joanne Holz – Director of School for Leadership Development 

  • In the past, authority and credibility were built on status, power or position, but in today’s world it’s built on power and trust. To be relationally intelligent, we must shift from a positional authority mind-set to the crucial mind-set of relational authority. Read more