Strategy for Living

strategy for living


     “Life is a process. We learn it as we live.
To live life fully and responsibly, we need a strategy
– a strategy for Christian living”. 



Book title:  Strategy For Living – How to make the best use of your time and abilities

Book authors:  Edward R. Dayton & Ted W. Engstrom

Book reviewed by:  Pamela Bosworth

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Three Priorities for a Strong Finish

By Clarence Bradbury

The priorities we choose determine the legacy we leave.  Jesus taught us to embrace God and His work as our ultimate priority. Everything else falls in line below His agenda. No matter what else we achieve in life, it has a short expiry date compared to the enduring quality of God-endorsed priorities and the results they yield. Read more

Shaping Your Priorities

by Clarence Bradbury

Several years ago I faced a dilemma in my life and ministry.  Things were going well at work.  I was serving in my sweet spot and approaching some major decisions.  I wanted to make my best contribution for the sake of the future. Read more