Director’s Desk – October 2013

“The better able team members are to engage, speak, listen, hear, interpret, and respond constructively, the more likely their teams are to leverage conflict rather than be leveled by it”  Runde and Flanagan.

The topic of Communication was highlighted in September’s MissionMover.  On the heels of that emphasis, Conflict Management and Resolution is highlighted for October.  The two topics are intricately woven together.  We live in a conflict-ridden society where every entity, including the Church, is riddled with strife, dissolution, discord, and grand-standing.  The above-referenced quote speaks to the possibility of allowing conflict to become a launching pad for positive dialogue and change.  The more skilled a person is in communication, the better able that person is to reduce conflict and/or leverage it for the benefit of all.  We can only be and we are responsible for our part in resolving conflict issues.  This means that along with the skill development of active listening, interpreting and meaningful engagement in conversation, the attitudes taught in Scripture must also be exhibited; i.e. “one-anothering,” humility, compassion, etc.

Reconciliation and restoration are at the heart of God’s Mission.  We are on that Mission with Him and must choose to grow in grace in areas where brokenness, fractures and fragmentations have occurred.  I trust the materials on Conflict Resolution will be beneficial to you.

We are also featuring Dr. Terry Walling.  Dr. Walling leads Leader Breakthru and is currently engaged with the School for Leadership Development as we embrace the goal of all leaders being able to Finish WellThe exorbitant figure 67% speaks to the number of leaders who do not finish well.  Some do not finish at all.  Others find themselves compromised in a myriad of ways.  We want to influence and invest in our leaders so that the number 67% continually reduces itself and is replaced by more and more leaders enabled to and fulfilled in staying the course!

We pray that in this month of October you will take the time for little breaks and pay attention to the beauty and blessings all around you—nature and people alike!  Feel free to leave your comments.  We read them and take them seriously.  Many have commented that the website is fabulous and needs more pictures.  We are updating and upgrading that in the next couple of months.  You will notice that our header is updated along with the front page.  Please continue to write to us.  We pray God will bless each of you in ways that you will recognize His Hand for you and His Presence with you!

December 2013 Director’s Desk

I remember vividly telling my children nearly every week that attitude is 90% of life!  It is not a matter of what you engage but how you engage.  It was usually a challenging assignment, teacher, or fellow student that launched the discussion about attitude.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Philippians:  “Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus” (2:5).  I don’t know about you, but I find that a continual challenge.  Just about the time I think I might have a handle on my attitude, another challenge arises!  I realize there is more Jesus work to be done in me.

Emptied of self, humbling embodied in the flesh, and headed toward the Cross, Jesus lived a selfless, loving life.  Imagine!  What would the world look like if we each did nothing from selfish ambition or personal interests alone?  How would my home, church and community be changed if every person who named the Name of Jesus lived without grumbling and above reproach?  Our attitudes issue in our behaviors.

Perhaps the best Christmas gifts this year entail becoming the kind of person that gives out of a loving heart.  Dallas Willard spoke to a cohort I participated in and said more than once that “love is moving toward someone else’s highest good.”  Certainly that is what Jesus did.  If we are to have the same attitude, the Holy Spirit must continue to work in our lives producing His Fruit!  The fruit of the Spirit is Love!!

Enjoy this month’s theme, ATTITUDE, and take some time for personal reflection!

The School for Leadership Development team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and abundant blessings in the New Year.

KROC Conference

Kroc-feature-icon-finalThree staff members from The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development at the Evangeline Booth College, Atlanta, GA, presented a two –hour workshop on a model of leadership development to some of the delegates to the National Kroc Conference in Chicago, IL.

The model consists of a blended learning approach:  onsite for some of the modules and online for the remainder of the modules in any of the six units constructed.  The units cover skills development in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, building trust, customer service, giving recognition, supervisory skills and other pertinent skills necessary to be effective in the Kroc Centers.

The learning incorporates and builds on the Developmental Assets as researched by the Search Institute and adopted by the Kroc Centers nation-wide.

The ability to tailor these units and the modules contained within them makes them very helpful in developing employee teams outside of Kroc Centers, such as Area Command teams, Territorial and/or Divisional teams, and teams in other large commands.

The official name of this initiative is AOL@SLD (Academy of Leadership @ School for Leadership Development).  You can view the recent video about AOL@SLD on  You will notice that it is Kroc-centric, but again, the materials can easily be tailored to any large command or team.

For comments or additional information, please write Mrs. Pamela Bosworth at

Terry Walling

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Hey There!

Hope things are going well as we proceed into Fall!

Just wanted to give you heads-up on our new BLOG we have initiated!
It is created to help enhance your own growth and development, as well as those you might be seeking to help


 Couple QUICK Benefits:

  • Exposes concepts related to personal development
  • Provides topics for coaching and discussions
  • Insights for all level of leaders… young, mid-game and finishers
  • Regularly updated (at least) 2 new posts each week

Some of the LATEST Posts included:

  • Will You Finish Well? (Current Series)
  • Are You in Burnout? (Past Series)
  • What’s Trust Got to Do with It?
  • The Way Forward
  • What’s So Funny?
  • And More! (even Duck Dynasty!)

Would love it if it can help you in any way. And if it does, could you could send the link to those who you think might also benefit.

Robin and I give thanks for you and our friendship down through the yeasrs!



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