The Jack McDowell School For Leadership Development has a new IDEA:  Identify, Discover, Evaluate, and lead to Action!  IDEA, a pathway to opening conversations for transformation, was taught by the president of Leader BreakThru, Dr. Terry Walling to over 20 who partner with SLD Ministry Connextions.

The research that fuels Walling’s work with leaders is based on Dr. Robert Clinton’s “The Making of a Leader.”  5,000 biblical, historical, and contemporary leaders were tracked over time.  The data revealed that two-thirds of all Christian leaders do not finish well.  The definition used by Clinton for finishing well is:

1.  To be more in love with Jesus at the end than at the beginning, 2.  To voluntarily give more of your resources at the end than at the beginning, and, 3.  To surrender more of your agenda to Jesus at the end than at the beginning.  The unfortunate fact is that leaders stagnate or burnout rather than push through to greater intimacy with Jesus and greater love for their partnership with Jesus in service.

SLD is working to reduce the percentage of leaders who either leave ministry or “quit and stay.”  Retirement, while an organizational end, is not a Kingdom word or reality.  Moving from calling to discover greatest contribution and ultimate legacy, through a series of transitions in the life of the leader, keeps the leader growing in depth of relationship and in breadth of influence.

IDEA is the conversational pathway that helps coach leaders through transitions into new levels of life and ministry.   The next Ministry Connextion will be held April 17-20, 2017 at Heritage Conference Center in Fort Mill, SC.  SLD provides scholarships for up to 65 delegates–officers, soldiers, employees and friends of the Army are all invited.  Be sure to check this out on the SLD website at