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Look Back, Leap Forward – by Gary L. McIntosh

11 Vision and Strategy Trends for the Future – by Will Mancini


Peacemaker Ministries – Equipping Christians and their churches to respond to conflict Biblically.

Relational Intelligence:

These are provided for your exploration – we do not necessarily endorse all opinions stated.

For a closer look at your relational leadership, try out this free on-line tool provided by the Center for Relational Leadership

To invest in relational leadership, see “Mentoring, the Promise of Relational Leadership”

Leadership Done Differently

Three Leadership Fundamentals

Relational Leadership Model  ..Used by permission –  Craig Slack – December 4, 2012


Take this brief personal assessment that combines a body, mind and spirit focus on integrity: 

Terry Camsey weighs in on the integrity of The Salvation Army’s dual mission:

Scroll down this Precept Austin site several pages for specific material on Integrity

Emotional Intelligence:

“Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence and Leadership”

Coaching Leaders – Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment

“Courageous and Authentic Leadership for Challenging Times” by Kent J. Ingle,

Leadership Maturity:

Garfinkle Executive Coaching – Joel Garfinkel has been names one of the top 50 executive coaches in America. Here you will find lots of marketplace wisdom for adding value to any enterprise. Since all true wisdom has its source in God, you will need to look for alignment between these findings and Biblical truth. –  The Distinctives of Christian Maturity and Leadership – This material  lays out the differences between secular leadership models and the uniqueness of biblical leadership rooted in Christian maturity.  It is based on more extensive material contained in this document, featuring 17 marks of Christian maturity.  Credit goes to for sharing this material free on the web.  Note that the website also contains discussion questions, making this a valuable resource for study with your own leadership team.


Every Pastor Needs a Mentor – by Rick Warren,


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