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Creating A Truly Great Team

Have you ever been part of a great team? Perhaps you played on a great athletic team in high school or college –soccer, basketball or hockey? Or, perhaps you were part of a great music band, vocal group or orchestra? What made that experience great? Our first inclination might be to say, “We won!” or […]

Why All Work is Collaboration

Great leaders never work alone, including God. The English verb collaborate is derived from the Latin prefix com, meaning “with, together or jointly,” and laborare meaning “to labor.” To collaborate means to work together. Examples of Christian collaboration are found in the Trinity, the Garden of Eden and the Body of Christ. The Trinity: Christian… […]

The Voyage from Grief to Gratitude- By: Jim Van Yperen

Grief is an ocean that flows in waves, a rolling turbulence in the soul desperate for peace. Sometimes grief is a tsunami, sudden and surprising: death by overdose, heart attack or fatal accident. In a moment the, tectonic plates of life shift forever. Sometimes grief comes quietly, over time, like waves off the Oregon coast… […]