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Liminality – The Space Between

Liminality The Space Between Change often incites the polar emotions of excitement and dread.   What is being changed is critical to the dominant emotion.  Is there something that will be lost?  You can be assured of that!  Is there something new and different to be gained?  You can be certain of that, too!  The term […]

Director’s Desk – April 2016

Personal Growth My mother was an avid gardener.  She possessed the green thumb.  I used to watch her take what looked like a dead stick and nurture it back to life.  Some of the most beautiful blossoms came from what looked like a lifeless branch. She would read about gardening.  Most of what she learned […]

Director’s Desk – July 2016

Are You Ready? This has been another season of transition.  It is an expected season.  Officers receive marching orders.  Soldiers grieve the loss of relationship with pastors they have come to love and simultaneously wait for the new pastor to arrive. Many transitions take place as a result of conscious choices.  New schools, new jobs, […]

John Merritt -Part III

III:  ONE SONG — MANY STANZAS The second song by General Albert Orsborn that became a means of grace to me following VaLeta’s promotion to Glory was “I Know Thee Who Thou Art” (Number 59 in The Salvation Army Song Book).  In the first stanza Orsborn speaks of the “healing name” of Jesus that beckons […]