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Transitions and Our Spiritual Walk

Change often incites the polar emotions of excitement and dread.  What is being changed is critical to the dominant emotion.  Is there something that will be lost?  You can be assured of that!  Is there something new and different to be gained?  You can be certain of that, too!  The term “liminality” indicates the uncomfortable […]

Jesus Soup – Joanne Holz

Some of life’s greatest experiences come at the most unexpected times.  One such time for me took place within the last two weeks.   Before conducting training with one of the Corps teams on the Texas border, I was offered a tour- not of buildings, but of on-site ministries taking place with immigrants– a marginalized group […]

John Merritt – Part II

  SOMETMES FLAT: THE SECOND STANZA I have never forgotten the day when I began singing the “Forever Song” promised on the Kearny, New Jersey Corps bulletin board: “GOD HAS A SONG TO TEACH US, AND WHEN WE HAVE LEARNED TO SING IT IN                         […]

John Merritt

G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936), the English Roman Catholic lay theologian, was particularly famous for his epigrammatic statements. Here is my favorite: “A PARADOX IS A TRUTH STANDING ON ITS HEAD TO ATTRACT ATTENTION.” If a paradoxical statement is standing a truth on its head to attract attention, then a paradoxical experience feels like we are […]