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A Pastor’s Idols

by Bob Hostletler copyright Bob Hostetler (www.bobhostetler.com), used with permission. Eugene Peterson was a young pastor organizing a new church. He gathered a core group of committed people, and together they not only formed a congregation, but also built a new church building. It was a moment of victory…and temptation. He writes, “The organizational work […]

Wonders in the Wilderness – Mark 1:1-13

By Major Joanne Holz Director, School for Leadership Development At first blush the wilderness holds no inviting qualities.  Forget the prohibitive terrain:  sometimes rugged, sometimes mountainous, sometimes dry and cracked, or sometimes hot and sandy.  The quiet is deafening, the travel lonely and isolated, and the expansiveness daunting.  Why would anyone tiptoe toward the edge […]

“Dip In” ~ Mark 1:9-12

How is it we learn to endure inner testing? Like it or not, the tests come! No, not the pass/fail or graded tests, but the testing of our spirit like metal is tested to expose and purify impurities. Jesus, too, was tested. Nothing but strength, courage, and grace was exposed as Jesus submitted Himself to this unyielding testing.