From the Director’s Desk- February 2018

Greetings! This month our C2D podcast is Coaching Through Conflict. February is also the month when we see hearts everywhere leading up to Valentine’s Day – a day for celebrating love. The bible has something to say about conflict, hearts and love – all wrapped up very nicely in Colossians 3:12-17 (AMP). ~ “Be gentle […]

From the Director’s Desk ~ November 2017

Generosity is an extension of our personal joy. The upcoming seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas often bring out the delight of giving generously. Generosity is a character trait of our God. It has nothing to do with money. There are many ways in which a person can give generously. It has everything to do with […]

From The Director’s Desk ~ October 2017

Edward D. Hess, a writer for Capital Business, authored an article dated April 28, 2013 on Servant Leadership.  His findings, and greatly to his surprise, indicated that charisma and vision, though important, are not the most important traits for leaders who want to develop teams that are high-functioning.  His research stated that high-functioning teams are […]

From the Director’s Desk ~ January 2012

The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development (SLD) is expanding its offerings in 2012 for its officers and soldiers. Some of the current courses and those under development will be made available to any interested person. Inherent in the curriculum is a holistic approach to leader development that will address spiritual formation, interpersonal, business, and […]

From the Director’s Desk ~ March 2012 ~ Exciting Days!

We are in exciting days at The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development!  The opportunities for leaders to move forward personally and professionally continue to be created. In October, 2011, SLD launched its first Ministry Cohort with 19 officers and 9 staff.   The cohort worked through the Leader Breakthru material of Dr. Terry Walling as facilitated by […]