From the Director’s Desk – July 2014

  Few in the ministry would question the necessity of teaching about and exercising spiritual gifts.  The topic seems to cycle around in terms of emphasis. There are difficulties in having conversation around this topic, to be sure.  How do various denominations define a spiritual gift?  Are we speaking about the miraculous work of God […]

From the Director’s Desk – August 2014

“To paraphrase an old parable about a fish:  Give me a leader for a generation and I will perpetuate the organization for a generation.  Help me to develop leaders in every generation, and I will perpetuate the organization forever.” (Lorin Woolfe, Leadership Secrets from the Bible).  As we consider the idea of pursuing goals and excellence, […]

From the Director’s Desk – September 2014

Time Management A quick walk through any book store or department store that sells planners reveals this is the time of year that time management becomes crucial for students.  All types of planners are available, many of which begin now with the school year and move through the entire next year.   Many in our society […]

From the Director’s Desk – November 2014

In the 4th century St. Augustine said that “the church consists in the state of communion of the whole world” (Ecclesiam in totius orbis communione consistere).Wherever we are connected, in right relationship, you might say “in love,” there is the Christ, the Body of God, and there is the church. The theme for this month’s […]

From the Director’s Desk – December 2014

Foundation of Grace I was talking with my friend over the Thanksgiving holidays about her perfume.  “This is not the one you usually, wear,” I said to her.  “No, I’ve changed fragrances,” she responded.  The conversation continued.  We identified people by their fragrance.  My son would not leave the house without his Drakkar.  My daughter loved […]