From the Director’s Desk – January 2015

I was fourteen years old and can remember the moment as if it were yesterday.  I sat mesmerized in the music room of my high school as I listened to one of my peers play Chopin with ease, sensitivity, and love.  Yes, love!  It was obvious she was absorbed in the music she was creating.  […]

From the Director’s Desk – February 2015

Credibility, according to Wikipedia, has two key components:  trustworthiness and expertise.  Both have objective and subjective components.  In his excellent book The Speed of Trust, Stephen Covey says that trust is the greatest leadership competency of the 21st Century.  Trust and credibility go hand in glove. Missionmover is focusing on the leader(ship) attribute of credibility in this month’s […]

From the Director’s Desk – March 2015

This month’s theme is “Leadership Challenges.”  I informally surveyed a couple of groups of people where themes such as time management and micromanagement emerged.  Dr. Charles Conniry taught a class in Leadership from a Biblical and Theological viewpoint.  I offer his challenges for your review.  Stepping into God’s call:  overcoming fear and reluctance Dealing with […]

From the Director’s Desk – April 2015

“As leaders, we teach what we know but we reproduce what we are…it (leadership) is both something you are and something you do[1].” Jesus lived what He taught.  The greatest among you is a servant.  You must die in order to live.  If you love me, you will obey me.  His life was a lived sermon.  […]

Director’s Desk – April 2016

Personal Growth My mother was an avid gardener.  She possessed the green thumb.  I used to watch her take what looked like a dead stick and nurture it back to life.  Some of the most beautiful blossoms came from what looked like a lifeless branch. She would read about gardening.  Most of what she learned […]