Book Review – “Fresh Encounter”

Fresh EncounterThis month we continue to build upon last month’s theme, stewardship, by transitioning our focus to personal growth. The greatest catalyst for revival is the understanding that no matter how much we have grown spiritually, our personal development pales in comparison to the standard, Jesus Christ.

In “Fresh Encounter,” authors Henry and Richard Blackaby and Claude King, discuss the need for continual revival in the Christian community.  They assert that Christian leaders work in an environment that requires us to give so much of ourselves and challenge others to grow, and we are also called to continue to develop ourselves as well.  Many of us find ourselves spiritually stagnant. We often fail to take the time to truly nurture and continue to develop ourselves. It is at time easier to focus on others.

The authors emphasize there is an ever present need for a fresh encounter with Christ and often a need to revisit the basics of our faith in order to spur growth.  The authors offer fresh perspective to the ministry concept that we must view ourselves in light of Christ and we must be refilled in order to continue to pour into others.

“Fresh Encounter” offers practical ways for continued renewal and personal growth by discussing the purpose of prayer in revival, the history of revival moments in Christian community, how to become a catalyst for revival, and common mistakes we make in ministry that hinder those around us from gaining a renewed desire for growth.

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