Book Review: Grace-Full Leadership by John C. Bowling


“Grace-Full” Leadership  by John C. Bowling

John Bowling wrote, “Christian leaders should not try to homogenize their styles. In fact, there are obvious times in the life of organizations when individuals should boldly break out of the pack and lead. But those break-out leaders must be grace-filled leaders, not ego-filled.”

““Grace-Full” Leadership” is an in depth discussion about the heart and character of a leader. The author suggests that leadership within Christian community should be different and he discusses the distinct qualities and traits of an effective Christian leader.

Bowling writes “Grace-Full” leaders are more concerned with spirit than style. They are covenantal rather than contractual and they view people as an ends not a means. “Grace-Full” leaders seek significance not success and focus primarily on the body, not the head. Bowling continues by discussing more specific traits of a leader. He writes “Grace-Full” leaders understand accountability, they follow as well as lead, they interact rather than react, and they maintain balance.

Bowling concludes by asserting that effective leadership is constituted by a leader’s dedication to life-long development. He adds, while developing leaders is not easy, an organization without effective leadership has little chance of survival and there is a significant need for “Grace-Full” leaders. He wrote, “The world is waiting for a new generation of leaders—men and women whose mission is more than profit, whose morality is not contextual, and whose very life is an expression of grace; leaders who will manage themselves, inspire others, and forge the future.”

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