Book Review: Relational Intelligence by Steve Saccone

Reviewed by Joanne Holz – Director of School for Leadership Development 

  • In the past, authority and credibility were built on status, power or position, but in today’s world it’s built on power and trust. To be relationally intelligent, we must shift from a positional authority mind-set to the crucial mind-set of relational authority.
  • Leaders treat people as a commodity.

  •  Many leaders deflect responsibility and accountability instead of
    absorbing it.

These three statements are taken from the book Relational Intelligence by Steve Saccone.   MissionMover focused on Emotional Intelligence in October of this year.  Relational Intelligence is its sibling and the theme of this month. 

Several years ago one of my professors stated that it was his opinion that the word ‘relationship’ was probably the most theological word in all of our vocabulary.  In a time in our human history when so many people are enthralled with the world of automation and automatons, it is refreshing to have an author return to the capstone of God’s creation—human beings—to revisit what it means to live and work in community.  God is community from eternity (source unknown) and (the collective) we are a reflection of Him.  The notion of being relationally intelligent should resonate easily with us and, as a basis for leadership, should be embraced willingly by us.

Written in two parts, Saccone explores the “human economy” and the “hidden power of a relational genius.” 

Consider this quote from Saccone’s book:

“The goal is not just learning or comprehending knowledge about relationships, but guiding people in advancing their ability to influence through application of relational intelligence…..To improve in this arena we must develop the ability to see into new dimensions of interpersonal dynamics and become smarter in our responses and applications of RI with others…The more relationally intelligent we become, the more we will demonstrate increased love, respect, and trust in every relationship in our lives, which will inevitably elevate our influence.”

During this month of recalling, meditating on, and living out of the truth that Jesus became flesh and dwelt among us (is there a higher relational intelligence expressed by any human being???), let us also consider how our own leadership might be heightened and more impactful by remembering the highest worth and value God places on people, and lead like Jesus!

I commend this book to you.

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