Book Review

Grace-Full Leadership, Understanding the Heart of a Christian Leader
by John C.Bowling

Book Reviewed by Pamela Bosworth

How are we to resolve the creative tension that exists between the biblical concepts of  servanthood and leadership?  In what ways should Christian leadership differ from all other leadership?  The author believes the answer is found in being filled with grace – that is being a grace-filled leader.   

John Bowling explores the Who of a grace-filled leader rather than the How. He speaks of the qualities of Grace-Full Leaders as:

  • More concerned with spirit than style
  • Covenantal rather than contractual
  • Viewing people as ends not means
  • Recognizing the changeable from the changeless
  • Seeking significance, not just success
  • Responsive as well as responsible
  • High-touch
  • Maximizing influence and minimizing authority
  • Passionate
  • Focused primarily on the body, not the head

In the second section of the book, the traits of Grace-Full Leaders serve as a measurement tool for readers regarding their own leadership.

Leaders in The Salvation Army are called on to wear many hats and can most definitely benefit from the author’s examination as to how “a Christian leader can be tough-minded, tenderhearted, driven, patient, focused on task and yet attentive to others.”

Leadership development is self-development.  Along with that, every Christian receives a personal calling to lead others to salvation.  With that in mind, this book is an excellent compass leading each reader toward a greater infilling of God’s Spirit and His gift of grace.

Publisher: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City

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