Breaking the Missional CODE

Book title:  Breaking the Missional CODE – Your Church Can Become a Missionary in Your Community

Author(s):  Ed Stetzer & David Putman

Publisher:  Broadman & Holman Publishers

Copyright date:  2006

Number of pages:  240

Big Idea

“Evangelism is telling people about Jesus; missions involves understanding them before we tell them,” says Ed Stetzer and David Putman. For centuries, missionaries have understood this practice. Breaking the Missional CODE challengespastors and church leaders to think missionally, beginning with the idea that they are missionaries wherever God has placed them.  Living out the great commission is predicated upon the notion that Jesus sent his disciples out to all people and with a specific message. The authors make it clear that there is no one missional model that ensures success when working across cultures or in different contexts.  Having said that, they go on to suggest that it takes a profound understanding of the culture to identify the real barriers that blind people from understanding the gospel.


The content of the book is laid out in a way that guides the reader, through a set of questions at the end of each chapter, to think through their context, apply universal principles in their mission setting and then identify and apply strategies that are effective in their current ministry context.


  • The Emerging Glocal Context
  • Breaking the Missional Code
  • Responding to the Commissions of Jesus
  • The Missional Church Shift
  • Transitions to Missional Ministry
  • Values of Leaders and Churches that Break the Code
  • Contexualization: Making the Code Part of Your Strategy
  • Emerging Strategies
  • Spiritual Formation and Churches that Break the Code
  • Revitalization to Missional Ministry
  • Planting Missional Ministries
  • Emerging Networks: New Paradigms of Partnership
  • Breaking the Code without Compromising the Faith
  • Best Practices of Leaders and Churches that Break the Code
  • The Process of Breaking the Code
  • Breaking the Unbroken Code

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