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Jack McDowell Scholl for Leadership


The School for Leadership Development (SLD) focuses its resources on practical application in the everyday world of Salvation Army leaders, both Officer and Lay Leaders, through various streams of  leadership development curriculum.

Leadership Development has many facets and forms. Our goal is to provide ongoing resources and training in this endeavor for Officers, Soldiers, Employees and other constituents of Salvation Army ministry. Leaders who continually work at personal growth and development in the areas of character and competencies will be a strong attraction for and help to those in their sphere of influence.

We will offer the best practices from research and  literature over the disciplines of Spiritual Formation, Business and Education. And, we will bathe it in prayer. We are not merely a corporate entity, although we have corporate characteristics. We are a part of the living, dynamic Body of Christ and, as such, will submit to His leadership first before offering anything to our brothers and sisters for development.

You Can Trust Me

Today’s leaders must be transformational leaders who lead out of a depth of character that has been intentionally nurtured and a baseline of trust that has been carefully built. It is from within a context of character and trustworthiness that a leader is given authority.
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The Leader’s Dashboard

Has this ever happened to you?  You are already several minutes late as you head to your car.  You quickly get settled into the driver’s seat, turn the key to start the engine and then shift gears to begin backing up. Read more

Leader Resources

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