Compulsive Branding Behavior






A Fast Company magazine article recently caught my attention. It stated that American companies “obsess over their brand to the point of distraction”

Resulting in “a whirlwind of self-defeating corporate and consumer behavior” that ends up placing brand before behavior. There are lots of gimmicks out there, designed to enable companies to capture the attention of potential clients, customers or supporters. One firm uses Brain Fingerprinting to find out how certain ads stimulate the brain. Without a doubt, we live in a branding culture bent on establishing and retaining brand loyalty at almost any cost.

Wherever you go, The Salvation Army is a beloved and favored brand. NAOC offers an opportunity to celebrate and to praise God for all that is being accomplished through the Army, in the name of Christ. We celebrate the accomplishments of officers, board members, soldiers, volunteers and employees. As we do, let’s renew our focus on our central calling by addressing the core realities behind our brand.

The essence of The Salvation Army is mission. William Booth, our Founder declared, The Salvation Army IS a permanent mission to the unconverted. Our mission currency has two sides – the gospel of Jesus Christ and the ministry of meeting human needs. Our ministry is informed and energized by the gospel of the risen and living Savior.

Since we are all about mission, every leader in The Salvation Army is a Mission Mover. It’s our privilege and responsibility to move forward the mission of soul and social salvation. We need to ensure that as people stream our way, they encounter a brand that accomplishes two things – it points them to the Savior and addresses their human need. Let’s improve ourselves as leaders to BE our best while we Do The Most Good. May our behavior be compulsively missional. May every branch of activity bear the distinct marks of our integrated mission. May our behavior match our brand.


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