From the Director’s Desk ~ November 2017

Generosity is an extension of our personal joy.

The upcoming seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas often bring out the delight of giving generously. Generosity is a character trait of our God. It has nothing to do with money. There are many ways in which a person can give generously. It has everything to do with living thankfully and from a place of satiety.

What does it take for you to feel sated? Is it the next fashionable article of clothing? Is it a budget that is balanced? Is it a relationship? Nice as these are to have, none of them, or anything like them, will make you feel full.

Fulness is the result of our intimacy with God. His joy spills over into our spirit until our joy spills over in generosity to those around us. Leaders who lead from a posture of satedness in the Spirit will be generous with their people. There is no need to hoard whatever comes with the position of leadership or the position itself, for all these things are passing, too.

Matt Crager of Penn State Leadership Academy states: “I think this generosity requires a great deal of vulnerability. In a way, it requires a willingness to put your heart out there and let it overflow for others. Sometimes, people may take advantage of that, perhaps even judge you for it. But more often than not, I think it can inspire generosity in others.”

Generosity is an extension of our personal joy AND an expression of love. Let this season be a time to ponder ways in which each of us can live more generously as leaders. Let the Spirit of Jesus lead the way in you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. As we consume our special meals together, let the reality of His generosity sink deeply into your spirit. Then, let it exude from our spirit!

Grace to you!

Joanne Holz, Major

Director of The Jack McDowell School for Leaderhip Development