From The Director’s Desk ~ October 2017

Edward D. Hess, a writer for Capital Business, authored an article dated April 28, 2013 on Servant Leadership.  His findings, and greatly to his surprise, indicated that charisma and vision, though important, are not the most important traits for leaders who want to develop teams that are high-functioning.  His research stated that high-functioning teams are more likely to result when the person or people in charge are servant-leaders.

Often servant-leadership has been misconstrued.  Far from being a “doormat” to others, servant leaders work to invest in and shape those under their leadership both for personal and professional effectiveness.  According to Hess, servant leaders “believe [their team members] should be treated with respect and have the opportunity to do meaningful work.”

Hess further states that “servant leaders are vigilant in fighting elitism, arrogance, complacency and hubris daily.”

The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development will be focusing on servant-leadership as our theme during October and November.  You will have 9 podcasts with study guides available to use to have conversations with your team.  Quotes will be posted on our Jack McDowell School for Leadership Facebook page.  Articles will be posted on this theme as well.

Jesus is our model for leadership.  He stated that “to be great in God’s Kingdom we must be the servant of all.”  We invite you to join the SLD team in understanding and implementing the important traits of servant-leadership:  humility, modeling, respect for others, and integrity.  These are a few of the important traits that leaders must be conscientiously developing for both personal and professional health.

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From the SLD team and myself, we wish you a glorious October!

Grace to you!

Joanne Holz, Major

Director of The Jack McDowell School for Leaderhip Development


Edward D. Hess is a professor of business administration and Batten Executive-in-Residence at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.