February 2015 Director’s Desk

Credibility, according to Wikipedia, has two key components:  trustworthiness and expertise.  Both have objective and subjective components.  In his excellent book The Speed of Trust, Stephen Covey says that trust is the greatest leadership competency of the 21st Century.  Trust and credibility go hand in glove.

Missionmover is focusing on the leader(ship) attribute of credibility in this month’s offerings.  You will enjoy hearing Kouzes and Posner on credibility as they discuss the subject from their new book with the same name.   The discussion runs about 18 minutes, and, while longer than we normally post, listening to it is well worth your time.  We are also highlighting two particular leader trainings that have the potential to increase leader credibility—Arrow and SLD Cohorts.

Major Ed Lee, current Area Commander in Nashville, TN, talks about his leadership journey through Arrow.  The Southern Territory partners with Arrow Leadership through the School for Leadership Development.  Both Emerging Leaders and Executive Leaders benefit from the 18 month cohort-based journey with other leaders from around the world to sharpen their expertise and skills while growing in Christ-like character.

Additionally, our own SLD Cohorts will be held April 20 – 23, 2015 in Atlanta, GA.  This year we are offering two distinct tracks:  LeaderBreakthru is a three year, three module experiential curriculum where you can discover God’s desires and plans for you in every season of your life. Pathway to Healthy Leadership offers two modules:  Healthy Leadership which focuses on taking care of our bodies and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality which focuses on the internal health of the spirit of the leader.  For those who have completed Leader Breakthru these two modules hold opportunity to (re)connect with others and continue to move you forward in your own development.   Be sure to check these out at www.missionmover.org.

This is the month when love is celebrated.  Jesus said that others would know we belong to Him by our love.  We pray for you and ourselves that God will teach us and free us up more and more to love.  That’s credible discipleship and is the foundation for credible leadership!

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