From the Director’s Desk – April 2014

D. Michael Abrashoff, in his book Get Your Ship Together writes on how great leaders of teams inspire ownership from the ‘keel’ up.  Abrashoff took over as Commander of the USS Benfold--a ship that was, for all intents and purposes, going to be dry-docked.   Abrashoff had other ideas.  Person by person, department by department, and task by task, Abrashoff inspired his team in such a way that, not only did the Benfold avoid being dry-docked; it became the flagship of the U. S. Navy!  Speaking to what allowed this miraculous turn-around, Abrashoff wrote:

“On my ship, success sprang from the magic of motivating ordinary people to buy into a good cause, give it their best shot, and thereby produce extraordinary results.  The chief lesson was clear and simple:  once your people really know something cold, they become proprietary about it and strive to perform with excellence.[1]

One of the common complaints in leadership is that so few come alongside to help get things done.  Creating team takes time, energy, wisdom, and skill.  I wonder how many metaphorical Benfolds we have.  And, I wonder how many teams want to be heard, acknowledged for their abilities, and set free to serve.  Perhaps what is needed is training to bolster confidence and effectiveness for the people on your team.

The School for Leadership Development is now offering a new training that will add to all we currently offer for teams in the workplace.   Needs Based Coaching:  Creating a Motivational Workplace is currently being used with several teams.  The feedback is that the work team has been greatly helped by the training.

You will find an article from Mr. Paul Curnow who serves as Territorial Assistant Community Relations and Development and Territorial Development Director.  I have watched Mr. Curnow assemble and train teams first hand.  You will appreciate his wisdom and heart as you read his article.

Please check out all that is available to you through The School for Leadership on our website housed at

We trust you are making time in this Lenten Season to meet with the Lord in special ways for yourself and, as leaders, making this season rich in meaning for your people.

[1] Abrashoff, D. Michael, Get Your Ship Together.  Penguin Group, New York, NY, 2004.

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