From the Director’s Desk ~ January 2012

The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development (SLD) is expanding its offerings in 2012 for its officers and soldiers. Some of the current courses and those under development will be made available to any interested person. Inherent in the curriculum is a holistic approach to leader development that will address spiritual formation, interpersonal, business, and pastoral skills.

Joining the SLD team beginning this month is Major Doctor Michael Reagan. Reagan is already working with leader development for Auxiliary Captains and Sergeants (non-commissioned personnel in charge of local Salvation Army Corps). He will be developing a menu of courses, both for accreditation and personal enhancement, including but not limited to the areas of doctrine, leadership, and spiritual formation.
On January 22, 2012,over thirty lay people from the Maryland-West Virginia Division will participate in the first web-based course entitled Growing Disciples—Growing Leaders. It is anticipated that this two-year course will be available to the Territory beginning in the Fall, 2012.

The first cohort experience was launched in October, 2011, comprised of 19 officers from multiple divisions and held at Camp Keystone in Starke, FL. This cohort will journey over eighteen months and offer opportunity for the officers to identify personal obstacles to effective pastoral leadership, the pit-falls and potentials of transitions and the cultivation of skills and attitudes necessary to finish the ministry journey well. Additional cohorts will be added and track their journey over time.

It is our prayer that God will use SLD as a resource and support for the Southern Territory to aid in personal, spiritual and community development in the ranks of The Salvation Army and to serve the wider church as others engage our materials.

Grace and all good to you!
Major Joanne Holz
Director – School for Leadership Development

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