From the Director’s Desk – January 2013

The Christian leader understands vision as ‘seeing as God sees.’  Does that sound arrogant to you?  Perhaps it sounds idealistic.  The witness of Scripture, however, teaches us that God speaks to those who would hear Him and invites them into a personal relationship and journey that allows for re-creation in person and in place.  As we participate with God, our heart is transformed and His vision for His Kingdom ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ is shared in part with us.  No one person has, or should have, God’s complete blueprint for this day.  We work with other Kingdom workers toward a better future based on the faithfulness and activity of God in the past and present and in concert with other believers.  We build on the work and faith of the saints throughout the ages, contributing toward the consummation of history when Jesus will be declared Lord by all to the glory of God the Father.

Martin Luther King caught the vision.  Liberation, equality, and healing — each characteristics of the Kingdom of God – became increasingly clear as part of the vision of God He was to embrace and work toward.  Forgiveness and reconciliation were the Kingdom characteristics Nelson Mandela worked toward.  Liberation from serving other gods to knowing the One True I AM became the life work of Moses with the people of God.

Vision is not ethereal.  It is deeply practical for the lives and living of God’s people.  The articles this month highlight what it means to be a leader with vision.  We welcome our guest author, Major Thomas McWilliams, currently serving as Area Commander of the West Palm Beach, FL command.  Thomas is a seasoned officer and a Christ-follower.

Major David Lyle has been interviewed and will be highlighted in the Leader Spotlight section.  David’s vision is to grow biblically strong leaders who will finish well.

Check out “I Have a Dream” free, downloadable leader series found under the Leader Training Tab and clicking on Leader Development Series.

It is the vision of SLD to partner with leaders all over the Southern Territory, developing leaders in the context of discipleship.  This would be a great month to consider using Growing Disciples~Growing Leaders as your discipleship and leadership “go-to” monthly lessons for this year.

If we can serve you in any other way, please let us know.  We have received a great deal of good feedback.  Please feel free to leave your comments.  We look at each one of them and value your input.

God help us all to grow in godly wisdom and leadership in this New Year!

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