From the Director’s Desk – July 2014


Few in the ministry would question the necessity of teaching about and exercising spiritual gifts.  The topic seems to cycle around in terms of emphasis.

There are difficulties in having conversation around this topic, to be sure.  How do various denominations define a spiritual gift?  Are we speaking about the miraculous work of God alone or are there gifts that are not overt manifestations?  There are some believers who hold to the view that spiritual gifts are no longer necessary and were discontinued as a way God worked once the canon was completed.

We, The Salvation Army, affirm that God gives spiritual gifts to His people.  The gift, itself, is not the center of attention.  Gifts are used by God’s people to edify His body—to build up, to aid in healing, reconciliation and restoration in areas where sin and human-ness have created limitations or have taken their toll.

It is not our work to judge which gifts are more important or more noteworthy.  God has an economy that is often distinctly different than the way we measure or judge.  Our work is to affirm, teach, train and release people to work out of their giftedness and under God’s authority.

Open and unpack your gift!  Dust it off!  Let the oil of the Holy Spirit revitalize your gift or gifts.  Then employ them for the work of His Kingdom.

You will find a power point based on the chapter on spiritual gifts from Ken Boa’s book Conformed to His Image.  I trust it will whet your appetite to get a copy of this book for yourself and delve into what it means to be conformed to the image of Jesus.

Please take advantage of the other resources we have on the subject of spiritual gifts and, remember, all of our articles, resources and lessons are archived for your use.

Blessings as you give and receive gifts intentionally this summer!

Boa, Kenneth, Conformed to His Image, pgs 301-315, Zondervan, 2001.

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