From the Director’s Desk – June 2013

Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2, 2013 are exciting days for the Cadets of the Proclaimers of the Resurrection Session.  For those of you reading without the benefit of Salvation Army “lingo,” our ordination, commissioning and appointment services are held for those who have completed the two-year training program for officers (ministers).  This weekend is the culmination of intense studies, practical field work, and personal and spiritual development.  Much joy is anticipated this weekend.  At some point, each name will be called, a specific blessing will be offered and an appointment will be given.

Can you imagine the sheer joy of the first disciples having had their name called by Jesus to walk with Him and work with Him in Kingdom practices?  What a roller coaster of emotions must have ensued!  The sheer ecstasy of having been singled out, called by name, included in the number on one hand was balanced by the ‘what am I getting into and Who is He, really? on the other hand!

It’s not really different today.  To be ‘called by Jesus’ is not an ethereal calling.  It is an invitation to a very concrete relationship of love and transformation—first in us and for us and then through us.  C. S. Lewis speaks to our embracing Jesus as Lord or dismissing Him as lunatic or liar.  What you can’t do is sit on the fence or walk around Him.  His claims are all-encompassing!  He is calling to you in a myriad of ways.  Not everyone is called to full-time ministry in a professional way.  We all are called, however, to relationship with Jesus first and then ministry as He decides for you whether at home, in the marketplace or at church.

Os Guinness, in the classic book The Call unpacks this idea.  We commend it to you and invite you to respond on our website once you’ve read it.  Consider working through the free download of God’s Call for us to Lead located under the leader resources tab.  Enjoy the articles by Major Clarence Bradbury and be sure to listen to the interview of Lt. Colonel Kelly Igleheart.  All of these resources and much more are at your disposal to consider this very important biblical topic of calling!

Enjoy your walk around our website, and as always, if we can answer any questions for you, please email us (address provided on the site).

Grace and all good to you!

Joanne Holz, Major

Director of The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development

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