From the Director’s Desk – November 2012


An undivided heart is another phrase for integrity.

The word disintegration often carries with it a negative connotation.  Something that should be holding together or held together is coming apart or eroding.  You might look in the attic in a very old box of material only to discover that disintegration has begun.  You might look at the workmanship in your home, once strong and sturdy, that is now beginning to disintegrate.  It happens over time.  Perfectly good materials begin to lose their properties and are no longer as useful, if useful at all, as they once were.

Values, morals, and character are other non-physical arenas where disintegration occurs.  In general there has been a slow erosion of civility, respect, extended courtesies and relationships over the past 20 years.  When that happens, society embraces and evidences the baser behaviors and attitudes of humanity.  Television is just one realm that bears this out.   Certain behaviors on television series that were taboo in the 50’s and 60’s are now expected in this decade.  After all, in the minds of many, it’s not entertainment unless one person tells another, without filter, what exactly is on his or her mind and it is definitely more “realistic” to project a bedroom scene in near entirety.   Now, I suppose that if this type of thinking is really embraced, then the outcomes are outcomes of integrity to this position.  But for the people of God there is no place for coarseness, rude behavior, lack of respect, or demeaning ways.

The opposite of disintegration is integration.  The Psalmist speaks to this when he prays:  “Teach me your way, O Lord, that I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name” (Ps 86:11).  An undivided heart is another phrase for integrity.  What I believe and value as a child of God is what I live out in my daily life.   I not only have good intentions but intentional means to act on them.  I value what God values.  I love what God loves.  All of this is a progressive move from a heart that, by sin, is disintegrated to a heart, by God’s grace, that is more and more like His Son.  The idea of integration or integrity of heart carries with it a sense of consistency of mind, heart, spirit and behaviors.

The theme for November is Integrity.  Please enjoy looking at the articles, the studies, the video interviews, all around this important leadership theme.

We value your input.  Feel free to leave us a message.  We read them!

God bless you as you live into integrity!

Joanne Holz, Major


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