From the Director’s Desk – November 2013

The debate ensued.  Does servant leadership mean that a servant leads or that a leader serves?  I sat in the cross-fire of answers, thoughts, questions, and ideas exchanged among the people in the room.  One in the room decided it wasn’t either/or, but both/and.  A servant is one among a group offering of him or herself for the benefit of the group.  A leader is one who takes another or a group of people in a certain direction for the accomplishment of a shared goal.  Leadership entails both a servant’s heart and skills to move people forward.

We are experiencing a rapid shift in many businesses and not-for-profit organizations—away from the more traditional autocratic and hierarchical models of leadership and toward servant leadership as a way of being in relationship with others. Servant leadership seeks to involve others in decision making, is strongly based in ethical and caring behavior, and enhances the growth of workers while improving the caring and quality of organizational life” (Larry C. Spears, The Spears Center).

Servant leadership is a wonderful combination of head and heart that issues in the “work of the hands.” It is not a syrupy, feel good, or anything goes mentality.  Essentially “servant leadership is to be a living statement of who we are in Christ, how we treat one another, and how we demonstrate the love of Christ to the whole world” (Blanchard: Lead Like Jesus, pg 12).   Servant leadership is more an attitude and takes on the posture of coach.   The coexisting concern is the development of others in the process of getting tasks completed.


We invite you to look deeper into the topic of servant leadership as you go through this month’s Missionmover.  We pray for you and for your leadership.  We trust you will take from the ideas and thoughts expressed this month as God speaks through them to you.


Be sure to look at other blog posts and articles connected with this month’s theme.  We invite your feedback and read all of your comments.


This is a month for intentional thanksgiving.  We offer thanks to God for allowing us the opportunity to serve you through this website.  We thank God for you and for His continued and continual work in your lives and relationships.  We are recipients of the grace of God and, as such, want our lives to issue in thanks-living!


However you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we trust you will pause, reflect and express gratitude to our Heavenly Father.

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