From the Director’s Desk – November 2014

In the 4th century St. Augustine said that “the church consists in the state of communion of the whole world” (Ecclesiam in totius orbis communione consistere).Wherever we are connected, in right relationship, you might say “in love,” there is the Christ, the Body of God, and there is the church.

The theme for this month’s Mission Mover is relationships.  Relationship is foundational to life. It is connectedness:  person to person, people to creation, institution to individual, family member to family member, and friend to friend.  We are intertwined.  The church as witness and reflection of the Trinity is to love inclusively.  Indeed, that is one of the tenets of our mission statement.
“Salvationists of the USA Southern Territory are answering God’s call to make radical followers of Jesus Christ who love inclusively, serve helpfully and disciple effectively in the communities where they live.

Martin Luther King said:  “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny.  Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

Jeff Jellets, Director of Disaster Services, has witnessed mutuality in service as many across the southland have been the victims of nature’s force(s) or man’s violence.  Jeff excels in training and strategizing toward effective interventions as a result of the devastation others endure.  We are pleased to include his article.

Major Rick Mikles is featured in a discussion of leaders and relationships.  The video conversation captures what experiences have shaped his own theology and practice of pastoral relationships.

There are many helpful books on the subject of relationships, some riveting.  STIR is one of those books you must sit with and digest slowly in order to allow the concepts to become a part of your “relationship worldview” out of which your own changes in relating will come.

There are other helpful leadership tools in this month.  See the leadership series for this month and download as a resource for your own small groups.

This is the season of Thanksgiving.  Be intentional to thank those in your life who walk this journey with you!  “Give thanks with a grateful heart!”  Please know how thankful to God we are to be able to walk with you in the development of your leaders.

Blessings to all!

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