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Captain Sarah Nelson shares a reflection of her thrid residential experience in the Arrow Leadership program.  She spent a week at Barnabas Landing, BC, with ministry leaders from across North America.   

Sarah Nelson Arrow clusterI am honored to sit at the desk of “Corps Officer”.  There is NOTHING I’ve done to deserve the privilege of leading God’s people.  But as we well know, privilege comes with responsibility.  Arrow has helped me develop a deeper appreciation for those responsibilities.  But it’s also shown me how important it is to take care of my own soul, while caring for everyone else.

During this residential near Vancouver, we focused on Spiritual Formation/Soul Care, Evangelistic Communication, and World Missions.  Some of the challenges/insights I’ve brought home with me are:

 – The need to establish/nurture sustainable soul care. I decided to develop this into a long-term goal on my officer evaluation.

         – Remember that good leadership flows from good follower-ship.  How can I think differently about my title (Corps Officer) in order to develop a deeper sense of follower-ship?  

       –  Think about how to share the Gospel with a generation that “hears with their eyes and thinks with their feelings”.

           – The need to be more thoughtful about the connection between our local work and God’s worldwide work.   How can I help cultivate a “world Christian environment” in my corps? 

Each leader prepared a three minute evangelism “talk” which had to be designed for a specific audience. (I chose our employees.) We spent an entire day presenting these “talks” to our peers. One of the observations I made was the strength that was exhibited through the officers’ presentations.  It seemed to come rather natural for them. I suppose I’ve assumed that all churches evangelize and use language associated with evangelism on a regular basis. But some of my Arrow friends (non-officers) really felt challenged by this exercise. Most of them designed their evangelistic talks for children/young teens.  My thought is that they perceived this to be an easier crowd to talk to. At the end of the day … I felt very thankful for the growing and learning opportunities I’ve had in the Army.  The Lord has obviously “gifted” us in some ways that are very unique. Probably, I don’t recognize this truth as often as I should. 

May, 2011

Captain Sarah Nelson 

Corps Officer -Danville, Kentucky

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