John’s Voice

It’s Time to Move!

Meditation 13

John 17:24

Moving is hard work.  You know what I’m talking about.  Over the years there is such an accumulation of “stuff” that when it comes time to move, the job is to sift, sort, let go of, pack away, and keep for immediate unpacking.  The boxes are heavy and making the furniture fit into a new home can be a chore.

In some ways, nomads have it right.  Don’t get so attached to things that you can’t make a move easily.  That picture of nomadic living serves us well in some aspects as we think about the fact that our life is a journey, the destination of which Jesus prayed for:  “Father, I want these people that you gave me to be with me where I am.”  Jesus is preparing a place for us.  He wants our permanent address to be with and IN Him.  We are not simply waiting until we transition to Heaven.  We abide in Him and He in us in the here and now.

That address is to be thought about on two levels.  No matter where we physically reside here on earth, our address is IN Jesus Christ.  What we have, where we live, what we do all need to reflect our relationship TO Him and IN Him.  Like the children of Israel, we move when He moves and we stay when He stays.  He provides all that we need for our journey.

On another level, there will be that final move to the place He has prepared for us.

Both of these are wrapped together in our eternal address in Jesus.

Jesus was telling His disciples on that final evening, and us through that Word today, that we need to give our forwarding address to others:  from the world to IN Jesus.  You will find that moving is much the same here as it is from place to place.  There are things you have accumulated—attitudes, behaviors, possessions, mindsets—that have to be sorted through, some discarded, others added or changed.  Sometimes the move in this realm is hard work.  Some things don’t fit.  There are new purposes and new joys.

The work is worth it.  Jesus has provided the place free of charge.  We walk it out daily with Him, dwelling with Him.  That word “dwell” means to be completely at home with. Once you experience the beauty of this new address, you will never want another place to live!



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