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Kroc-feature-icon-finalThree staff members from The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development at the Evangeline Booth College, Atlanta, GA, presented a two –hour workshop on a model of leadership development to some of the delegates to the National Kroc Conference in Chicago, IL.

The model consists of a blended learning approach:  onsite for some of the modules and online for the remainder of the modules in any of the six units constructed.  The units cover skills development in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, building trust, customer service, giving recognition, supervisory skills and other pertinent skills necessary to be effective in the Kroc Centers.

The learning incorporates and builds on the Developmental Assets as researched by the Search Institute and adopted by the Kroc Centers nation-wide.

The ability to tailor these units and the modules contained within them makes them very helpful in developing employee teams outside of Kroc Centers, such as Area Command teams, Territorial and/or Divisional teams, and teams in other large commands.

The official name of this initiative is AOL@SLD (Academy of Leadership @ School for Leadership Development).  You can view the recent video about AOL@SLD on  You will notice that it is Kroc-centric, but again, the materials can easily be tailored to any large command or team.

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