Leaders Shape Leaders @ Regional Training 2011

Twenty-seven officers from the USA Southern Territory recently attended regional training. 

When asked, “What is your biggest challenge when it comes to being formed as a spiritual leader?” their responses included:

Regional West 2011 GroupRegional East 2011Group






The Prothro Center in Texas and Camp Happyland in Virginia    

Being able to take people deeper into God’s word.

  1. My biggest challenge is leading myself into a consistent discipline of Bible Study and Prayer.  I am a natural teacher and leader and in most circumstances I can teach and lead while depending on my natural abilities and what I already know.  The challenge is to keep developing myself and allowing the Holy Spirit to continue His work in my mind and heart. I am reminded that people I lead and teach will have a difficult time growing if I as their teacher am not growing too.
  2. Letting feelings of inadequacy cripple me from reaching out to others.
  3. The answer to this question is balancing all the roles that a Salvation Army Officer has to handle.
  4. As an Officer we wear so many hats it is time to find adequate time to do my daily devotions.  I would like to have more quality time with the Lord.
  5. I struggle with it a lot.  It doesn’t come easy to me.  I tend to wander away from this relationship.  It is a constant battle for me.  But I still get back up and begin to try again and again.
  6. Conflict:  Conflict with employees or anyone can be dangerous.  I want to make sure I am doing my job as a steward while at the same time doing it as a spiritual leader.  Growing Leaders:  I am challenged to find the right people and then grow then into their position.
  7. I feel my biggest challenge comes with my being so young.  I am 27 years old.  I feel as people don’t respect me as a spiritual leader because of my age and knowledge.  I would like to figure out how I can become more useful in this ministry and learn to tackle the leadership problems that I face.
  8. My biggest challenge when it comes to being formed as a spiritual leader is that of being human a sinner trying to become a saint.  I guess this is in general what we all believers face when it comes to getting closer to our Lord God and savior Jesus Christ.  When we are willing to learn and study God’s word this challenge becomes part of our daily living to the point that we learn to live with it.  And as we grow spiritually by His grace and mercy, we get motivated to go deeper with God.
  9. It is not that I cannot lead, I am basically a shy person, I tend to step back and let others speak or lead.
  10. The unique added responsibilities of a Salvation Army Officer are my biggest challenge of being formed as spiritual leader.
  11. Making sure I am where I need to be spiritually in order to lead others.

Participants in the three-day intensive journeyed from defining Authentic Leadership through the practices of Shaping a Transformed Life  The training concluded with leaders learning how to apply what was shared to achieve a focused life.   Comments from officers who attended include:  

  • I appreciate the openness of our leaders and coaches – to share the molding of their character by God.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed myself this week and learned a lot of useful information about leadership.
  • The School for Leadership always shows wonderful hospitality and delivers a valuable quality program.
  • As officers we must always strive to be better leaders.  This training is one of the many ways in which we can improve ourselves and further the Kingdom thru better more personal, focused, developed leadership.
  • I want to say thank you. Keep teaching people to finish well. All the actions and material taught has prepared me with the mindset that – The Best Is Yet To Come!
  • Every officer, even seniors, must take advantage of this workshop and participate.  It was refreshing and encouraging.  God bless you all.

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