March 2015 Director’s Desk

This month’s theme is “Leadership Challenges.”  I informally surveyed a couple of groups of people where themes such as time management and micromanagement emerged.  Dr. Charles Conniry taught a class in Leadership from a Biblical and Theological viewpoint.  I offer his challenges for your review.  Stepping into God’s call:  overcoming fear and reluctance

  • Dealing with apathy, indifference and disobedience
  • Navigating criticism (against you or your own self-criticism)
  • Surviving under other people’s leadership with the no’s, maybe’s and conditional yesses.
  • Rising above personal discouragement
  • Wishing for the best for those who cause you pain
  • Recalibrating after personal failure

These challenges cross denominational and gender lines.  I suspect that underneath the

utilitarian challenges like how to manage time, there lie these deep, personal challenges.  During this season of Lent, perhaps it would be helpful to identify one or two and pray over how Jesus might meet you in your challenge(s).  Offer yourself, your leadership position and place of leadership to Him asking for personal and corporate reconciliation, restoration, guidance, renewal for the work of leadership wherever it may be.

As you enjoy the offerings this month, be encouraged that leaders are first followers of the Leader Who can be trusted in all things!

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