Mark 3:13-19 Networking

Last month we looked at Mark 3: 13 – 19 from the perspective of Calling.  Let’s consider the same portion of Mark’s writing from the perspective of Networking.

True networking could be visualized in concentric circles.  There is the wide circle which encompasses the people you know and relate to on a casual basis.  They are not less important inherently.  They may only touch infrequent points of common interests.  Jesus spent some time with the crowds.  Usually, they only wanted what Jesus had to offer them in terms of healing.  They were not really interested in what that healing pointed to.  In other words, healing was a signpost that the Kingdom was among them and that God was establishing His rule and reign in visible ways meant to be begun here and walked into the Kingdom consummate.  They were interested in the here and now only!

There were people in a closer circle to Him:  those curious but not convinced.  They were not looking at doing Jesus harm and they weren’t sure how to relate to Him.  Nicodemus had honest questions and kept asking them.  The woman at the well had her understanding clarified and became an ambassador to the Samaritans.

His inner circle was the twelve He chose.  They were from diverse backgrounds, occupations, understandings, agendas, willingness to be shaped and molded by Jesus, and abilities.  They would be the “army that would storm the Roman Empire” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They would be the men to invest themselves, network with others who chose to follow Jesus, and see this embryo of the new church through in the first century.

Every little house church was a network of believers, aiding and assisting in their growth in Jesus and very often providing the physical resources to each other when the Empire struck back!

With whom are you aligned?  Do they deposit the hope of the truth of the Gospel in you?  Do they challenge and support you in your journey with Jesus?  Do they supply assistance and aid when necessary?  We all need a network of believers surrounding us—some from a distance and others increasingly closer to our inner circle.

Who are you supporting and assisting?  Surround yourself with wise and godly people—even more so as the days get increasingly darker!

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