Mentoring and the Development of Leaders

by: Major Joanne Holz, Director

C. Gene Wilkes, author of Jesus on Leadership, states: “You will never be an effective leader until you include those you lead in what you do.”  Further he comments, “By constantly having his closest followers near him, he showed how the best lessons came from the classroom of experience.  In the sense that Jesus was all-powerful and could do whatever he wanted, he did not need a ministry team, but he built one so that his mission would continue when he returned to the Father.”

His methods:

  • By example, formally and informally
  • Instruction :  his mission on earth, the Kingdom of God, their attitudes
  • By delivering a clear vision (The harvest is plentiful!)
  • Listened to their report
  • Praised their efforts
  • He praised them!
  • He walked with them

H. G. Wells wrote: “More than 1900 years later, a historian like myself, who doesn’t even call himself a Christian, finds the picture centering irresistibly around the life and character of this most significant man…The historian’s test of an individual’s greatness is ‘what did he leave to grow?’ Did he start men to thinking along fresh lines with a vigor that persisted after him?  By this test Jesus stands first.”

Leadership, like most things is more caught than taught. Mentoring gives the platform for mature, developed and healthy leaders to invest in both the current and/or next generation of leaders, helping to grow them up and leaving much more to be grown.  Mentoring is mandatory.

In her book Women to Women, Sheila R. Staley points out: “The word ‘mentor’ originated in Greek legend where Mentor was the wise and trusted counselor to whom Odysseus entrusted the education of his son.  The mentor nurtures, supports, and provides wise counsel.  She helps her protégé set and realize goals.  For the Christian woman, these goals are established and bathed in prayer.  Growth emerges out of practical experiences, the mentor serving as a wise advisor.”

Mentors model, support, challenge, encourage, walk with, and guide by availability of themselves to their protégé.

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Some quotes from Ken Boa’s article on Leadership Qualities:  Leadership Development

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