Musings from Mark – Mark 1: 35-39

by Major Joanne Holz

We are focusing on the concept of vision this month.  It occurred to me as I was reading through chapter one of Mark that Jesus would never have made the decisions He did — when to move on, when to stay; who to choose for His mission group; who not to; what activities to engage in and which activities to refrain from—had He not had a clear understanding of the Father’s vision for His world.

Vision not only leads to what can happen and shapes the possibilities of what can be done; it affects choices regarding the things we choose to refrain from and who will or will not best serve the successful outcome of the vision.  I am not referring here to the inherent value of a person or suggesting that some have more importance than another.  I am suggesting that vision allows us to picture the future in such a way that our lives and resources can be ordered and centered for our part in the work of the Kingdom.  We move purposefully and intentionally rather than frenetically and haphazardly.

Jesus was demonstrating the reconciling, restorative work of our Father for His world.  After a flurry of healings and exorcisms (1:32-34), Jesus needed connection with the Father in solitude.  The disciples exclaimed:  “everyone is looking for you.”  Jesus responded:  “let us go somewhere else – to the nearby villages – so I can preach there also.  This is why I have come.”  There are few things in life better than knowing you are where you are supposed to be, doing the things you’re intended to do.  Vision is reinforced, sharpened, maintained, and energized in the presence of the Father.  He was walking purposefully and intentionally in step and in harmony with His Father.

What vision has God given to you?  God’s vision for us and through us will only gain greater clarity as we spend time in solitude with Him.  This time of solitude enables us to hear from God the “good works prepared in advance for us to do” (Eph 2: 10).  Then we will walk confidently with Him into the places where the demonstration of the Kingdom of God takes place through us.

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