November – Relationships

Kingdom Relationships – Joanne Holz
Relationship Ready – Jeff Jellets
Stir: Transformation in Relationships – Mindy Caliguire

September – Time Management

Sands of Time – Joanne Holz
Time – Urgent or Eternal? – Dale Bannon

August – Goals/Striving For Excellence

 PerfExcellence – Joanne Holz

May – Leadership for the Great Commission

The Easter Influence – Pamela Bosworth

April – Building an Effective Team

Team: Together Experiencing A Mission

March – Purpose/Mission

“The Life I was Meant To Live” – Tom Walker
“Relentless Repentance”

February- Personal Growth

“For the sake of others” -Lt. Colonel, Allan Hofer

January – Stewardship

In Step Winter“-Kevin Chamlee
Message from H. Dean Hinson, President/Principal of The Salvation Army Evangeline Booth College

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