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Working Wikily, Cover of the Stanford Social Innovation Review
Explore how social media tools drive new ways of working characterized by principles of greater openness, transparency, distributed effort and collective action.

Three Ways Your Youth Ministry Can Use Twitter

Facebook’s 5 Core Values  – How can you translate these values in your ministry? 

Biblical Leadership (God’s Call):


If you want to grow, it takes  Evaluation, Education and Change – a Brian Davis blog

This practical resource for growing Christian leaders and churches is provided by the Christian Reformed Church in North America

Jim Wideman offers 5 self-reflection questions for leadership growth 

Roy M. Oswald is a highly respected authority on church life and leadership.  Here he offers wisdom on Doing Evaluation Without Risking a Public Flogging

Alan E. Nelson’s book, The Power of a New Attitude is a great resource for growing our leadership.  Here is a taste of its contents


In this informative article, John Piper highlights important priorities as he deals with the inner and outer circles of spiritual leadership

Jim Vogel explores seven priorities for leaders and churches experiencing a time of pastoral transition

Here is classic Stephen Covey speaking on Goals and Priorities

In this 16-minute video lesson, John Maxwell and Tom Atema of EQUIP address the subject of Priorities Management

Center For Spiritual Life Development Newsletters

Ministry Partners

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