September 2013 Directors Desk – September 2013

Communication is God’s idea!  We take it so for granted that we can exchange ideas, be moved or transformed by ideas, conceive concepts and find ways to implement them, feel up, feel down, express our internal visions, or just ‘be’ and find in that moment meaning.

Communication is a wonderful gift and a very challenging part of our lives.  Not infrequently we hear phrases like:  “I thought you said…,” or “I never heard you say that…,”or “I thought you meant….”  We express and hear imperfectly.  Nevertheless, communication is a gift.  Without it we would find ourselves isolated.  Using it well and wisely, we make meaning of life with other individuals and with God, Himself.

God is the author of communication.  The Trinity shares a rich life of communion and communication.  Out of that richness they have created by the spoken word alone.  God spoke “let there be….” and it was done!

The greatest communication was God’s Word made flesh to dwell among us.  Consider the great love, compassion, and loving-kindness communicated to humankind when Jesus broke into human history.  Given the open door, He will communicate His love, compassion and loving-kindness to you personally as He breaks into your personal history.

God wants to speak to us and with us.  He wants to dialogue with us:  dia=cutting and logos=word.  Communication:  cutting through to the essence of meaning.  As fearful as it can be, isn’t that what we want:  to know and be known?

Our monthly theme is about communication.  There are some very practical helps available to you around this topic.  Please enjoy your time in Mission Mover this month!  As always, we enjoy receiving communication from you!!   We invite you to leave your comments!

Grace and all good to you!!

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