Servant Leadership Book Review


The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development offers for your consideration and help the following books chosen for both depth of perspective and practical information to help you become an even greater leader and servant of God.

The Servant, by James Hunter, is a fiction novel that uses colorful and engaging tales to illustrate life-changing servant leadership principles.

Henri J.M. Nouwen’s In the Name of Jesus is used in institutions around the globe as an instructional tool and is a great resource for a leader to look inward personally before attempting to lead others. Nouwen looks at the temptations of Jesus prior to the start of His public ministry and suggests that what Jesus came up against is the experienced by every leader.

Shaped to Serve by Jane Fryar is a series of devotionals that inspire the reader to reflect deeply about their service. Each article is coupled with a prayer that captures the essence of the devotional.

The Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges offers information that pushes the reader to allow the relationship developed with God in their private spiritual lives to evolve and give Him free reign in the actions and interactions in their daily lives.

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