Strategy for Living

strategy for living


     “Life is a process. We learn it as we live.
To live life fully and responsibly, we need a strategy
– a strategy for Christian living”. 



Book title:  Strategy For Living – How to make the best use of your time and abilities

Book authors:  Edward R. Dayton & Ted W. Engstrom

Book reviewed by:  Pamela Bosworth

This book is a common sense approach to developing a strategy for Christian living. “Its instructions are practically implemented and each theoretical point is made concrete by specific suggestions for carrying it out”.  Following a total approach to living, the authors explore practical concepts using a simple circle diagram:  Goals, Priorities, Planning, and Living.   

The strategy is also very simply stated:

  • Decide what it is God wants you to do and be – SET GOALS.
  • Discover which goals are more important – ESTABLISH PRIORITIES.
  • Analyze the best way to reach your goals – DO YOUR PLANNING.
  • Start working toward your goals according to your plans- START LIVING.
  • Use what you have learned to set new goals.

Each chapter in the book ends with steps you can take personally to make sure that you both understand and can make practical use of the ideas being presented.

The book concludes with the reminder the in every day there is always enough time to do the perfect will of God.


Regal Books – GLINT P.O. box 6688, Ventura CA 93003

Soft-cover edition: ISBN0-8307-0424-8

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