Teach Your Team to Fish

by Laurie Beth Jones
reviewed by LaTaurus Johnson

In theory, a professed believer should see their work as a way to live for the glory of God.  Effective teamwork is always the ideal.  Our isolationist culture, however, often inhibits the ability to create truly effective teams. Throughout the Bible God used collective, cohesive units to effectively accomplish His will.   Jesus incited a small group of individuals to spread the message that changed the world without force or technological advances.

Believers are taught to look to Christ’s example to garner wisdom on how to live. In “Teach Your Team to Fish,” author Laurie Beth Jones, uses principles based upon Jesus’ interactions with His disciples as suggestive ways to more effectively lead teams. The book goes beyond focusing simply on Jesus’ humility and asserts that Christ was able to lead a ragtag group of individuals effectively by inspiring them to buy into a mission. Further, like Jesus, leaders must embody the mission and motivate their companions to be willing to abandon their reservations and other interests for the sake of the mission.

Jesus’ example enables us to understand what amazing things can happen when we fully commit to a mission and fully commit our talents to the purpose of the organization. Jones asserts such buy-in is only created when leaders seek genuine community and relationship with those they lead. Leaders must be transparent and engaging and even those that command large organizations must find some way to make the organization “feel small” in order to assist all employees to feel valued.  When employees and managers are connected and bound by a common purpose, cohesive teams are formed allowing the organizational mission to become priority because everyone is invested in the mission.

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