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Hey There!

Hope things are going well as we proceed into Fall!

Just wanted to give you heads-up on our new BLOG we have initiated!
It is created to help enhance your own growth and development, as well as those you might be seeking to help


 Couple QUICK Benefits:

  • Exposes concepts related to personal development
  • Provides topics for coaching and discussions
  • Insights for all level of leaders… young, mid-game and finishers
  • Regularly updated (at least) 2 new posts each week

Some of the LATEST Posts included:

  • Will You Finish Well? (Current Series)
  • Are You in Burnout? (Past Series)
  • What’s Trust Got to Do with It?
  • The Way Forward
  • What’s So Funny?
  • And More! (even Duck Dynasty!)

Would love it if it can help you in any way. And if it does, could you could send the link to those who you think might also benefit.

Robin and I give thanks for you and our friendship down through the yeasrs!



Terry Walling, President

Office/Fax: 530.891.8285

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