The Leader’s Dashboard

Has this ever happened to you?  You are already several minutes late as you head to your car.  You quickly get settled into the driver’s seat, turn the key to start the engine and then shift gears to begin backing up.

It’s then, from the corner of your eye that you notice.

The low fuel light is on.  You now have the choice of heeding it’s silent warning and stopping for gas and falling further behind or temporarily ignoring it and testing the limits of your gas tank’s capacity.

Though nobody likes to see a warning light appear, your car’s dashboard is a tremendously helpful tool.  A brief glance at the gauges can give you a fairly detailed overview of the engine’s operating condition and inner health.  Then, whatever your mechanical aptitude, you can have a more objective level of confidence or concern as you drive.  If a yellow or red warning light comes on the dashboard, you can choose to cover it over with duct tape and ignore it or investigate the potential problem.

The simple concept and benefits of a car dashboard can also be applied to the lives of Christian leaders.  By identifying some key indicators of a leader’s health, a dashboard of gauges can be created to provide a simple and fairly objective system of feedback.  While not scientific, for leaders who are often operating at high speeds with limited time for reflection or for leaders who rarely receive helpful feedback, a dashboard can be a simple way to keep on track and to keep watch for emerging problems.

As you read on, you will find descriptions of four gauges for Christian leaders that emerge as repeated themes from the life of Jesus and throughout Scripture.  As you read each description, take a few moments to reflect on your own life and leadership by giving each gauge one of three readings: green for healthy, yellow as an early warning sign or red for an imminent problem.  (Download the complete article).


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