The Legacy of Robert Reed


It has been my privilege to know Robert Reed for a very long time.  I returned to the EBC in 2010 where Robert and I served together.  He was a steady man, excellent in his field, and amazingly loving towards his family, his Corps family, and in the workplace.  Robert attended Ministry Connextions  and enrolled in Resonance (the Legacy of a Leader).  One of the final activities is to write your legacy statement.  With Robert’s permission, and to honor our friend and colleague, we are posting his legacy statement.   We miss Robert already and embrace the Resurrection hope of seeing him again!

-Major Joanne Holz

Legacy Statement: By Robert Reed

The race has been long, and fraught with many unexpected turns.  The battle, day by day, ranges from painful and difficult, to joyful and fulfilling.  There never seems to be much consistency anymore except for the pain and the struggle against a relentless foe in this cancer fight.  However, I am not done yet!

God has, in His infinite plan, days – weeks – months or maybe even a bit more to give to me.  It is my desire to live every single day for God, making the best contribution that I can in His service, whether that be at home with my family and friends, at the Corps with my congregation, or at the EBC with my colleagues and Officers in training.  I desire to maintain my faith and integrity, continue my efforts to assist those in ministry to best do their work, and to provide the tools they need to be full time servants of the Kingdom of God.  I join their efforts as His full time servant in this fashion.  I also desire to continue to lead my family in His paths, by example both in word and deed – I wish for those around me to see Jesus through me, to hear words that He would say if He were here. And furthermore, to demonstrate that His values, lived out as best that we can, are still the best choices we can make in our lives.  I desire to enjoy these days, and to do so in a manner that reflects God’s own goodness to all those around us, and to spread that joy to those around me.

What can I give in return for His grace and mercy which have carried me so far?  In the realm of my career, I offer upon the alter of continued service all the knowledge, skills and abilities He has seen fit to bestow to me.  I wish to pass along the content of my work skills and ethics to those who would take up this mantle after I am no longer able to bear it myself, that the Kingdom work of my department would go on after I step aside from the position God has placed me into.

Next in importance, I wish to continue to give folks the opportunity to connect with God in worship, to learn from Him in teaching, and to grow close to Him in stewardship and in fellowship, as I place conscious effort into growing our church, both in numbers again, and in maturity of the Christians who worship with us.  I want Jesus to be glorified in everything we say and do within the doors of Jonesboro Corps and beyond.  I will strive to find dedicated and faithful people to fill the needs of the church, and serve God, continuing this work in this place after I am no longer able to do so.

Of utmost importance, I will continue to point my family towards the Lord God Almighty, and His Son our Savior Jesus Christ.  Despite the circumstances, God is and always will be worthy of our praise.  He is not at fault in my battling cancer, He has been by my side every day and every minute of the battle, just as my wonderful wife Jenny has been.  There have been discouraging situations for all members of my family recently – but I call upon them to rise above the circumstances, to peek above the clouds blocking their view to see the glory of God shining down.  Whether it be the tensions of the jobs, the slowness of the FAA, the memory of what was once attained and then lost in Carolinas, school or medical debts or anything else – there are opportunities to learn and to grow in the past, not anchors to weigh us down from the future.  If I am to be considered an inspiration at all, I would hope it is as a man who takes the good and the bad, and steps onward in God’s pathway, following His lead, to continue to do His will each and every day, come what may.  I pray for their perseverance, their growth, their faith and their families to be.

I desire all these things so that the center piece of my wife’s, my sons and daughters, my Corps and my workplace to be drawn closer to God each and every one, so that when this road winds down, it will not be goodbye, but see you soon.  I desire to show that it is possible to stay true to God’s Word and work up until the very end, and to walk into the arms of Jesus by God’s grace as a true follower of Christ despite the obstacles that may be in the way.  It is my desire that my family, friends, church and work colleagues would all then remember God’s goodness and grace, so that we would all one day be able to praise His name together once more.

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